About Us

Turquoise International - Importer, Exporter, and Manufacturer of Middle Eastern Dance Wear and Accessories.

Turquoise International, established in Chicago in 1972, has made it's name as the premier manufacturer of finger cymbals for the Oriental Dancer. Turquoise not only supplies teachers, professionals, and dance celebrities of North America and Europe, but the "HAUTE DANSEUR" of Cairo as well!

Along with the success of finger cymbals, came the highly popular workshops and Gala Shows! From coast to coast, Canada to Europe, the events spotlighted the frenzy of the dance scene of the 1970's and early 1980's. Turquoise can certainly claim responsibility for helping to pioneer these workshops.

In 1980, Turquoise found a need for quality tours to Egypt which focused on the needs of the Oriental dancer. Tours that would enlighten and enrich the spirit and experience of the dancer. Thus the Turquoise International tour was born! Several years have passed, and we have made a lot of friends, enhanced the character of many a dedicated dancer, and secured a position as a world class dance tour! The tours are friendly, and provide a well balanced view of Egypt past and present.

At the same time, Egyptian costumes and the "Egyptian" fringe look were beginning to emerge on the International Dance Scene. Turquoise was there to help bring the new "Egyptian" style into Vogue! Today Turquoise supplies dancers all over the world with costumes form Egypt, fringe, finger cymbals, and various dance accouterments.

In 1995 and 1996, we continued our commitment to Oriental dance excellence by sponsoring the first US workshop tour with one of Egypt's most celebrated choreographers, Madam Ragia Hassan. At the same time Turquoise produced one of the few workshop videos of an Egyptian Master teacher, as well as capturing the music on cassette. We are committed to bringing the finest in Egyptian dance master to North America.

We have enjoyed the business and the friendships that have developed. Turquoise will continue to supply, support, and sponsor within this unique dance community, and looks forward to continued growth and renewed friendships in the years to come!

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