Workshop C with Yasmina Ramzy

Workshop C with Yasmina Ramzy

by Chloe Carrera

Turquoise International is collaborating with the visionary Yasmina Ramzy for this one-of-a-kind exciting project for presentation in your city.

Best known for her elaborate and dynamic ensemble choreography,Yasmina Ramzy has created beautiful ensemble pieces for more than 20 dance companies internationally. This workshop is an opportunity to explore and learn her well developed process, while immersing yourself in the roll of one of her company dance artists. This unique adventure can be presented in any city (in the USA or Internationally) with an already existing dance company or as an ad hoc group of artists gathering just for the event.

You can learn more on her website, and check out the demo reel below:

Demo reel Workshop C from Yasmina Ramzy Arts on Vimeo.

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$1 Days
$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Seconds