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Turquoise Finger Cymbals are the choice of discerning dancers who want quality cymbals. Your purchase of Turquoise International finger cymbals is a life-time purchase as these cymbals never change. Turquoise International Finger Cymbals sound good when played with a bright “ring” or when played with a “muting” for a softer sound. Cymbal quality is evident in the following characteristics:

1) Matching tones: All four cymbals in sets have a matching ring tone.

2) Tone never changes: The ring tone remains the same and will never dull and change.

3) Shape integrity: These cymbals will not “curl and curve or become wavy” over time.

4) Recognizable Turquoise cymbal “loud and clear” ring tone.

5) Double slots: The double slots in the cymbals allows for ease in putting elastic into the cymbals.

6) Cymbal shape: The cymbal shape allows for fastening elastic with pins, sewing, or knotting.

All zills come four to a set, with one-half inch wide, yard long elastic and cloth tie bag.



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