Turquoise International Finger Cymbals - Quality For 40 Years

Turquoise International Finger Cymbals - Quality For 40 Years

by Amil Esmailpour

Turquoise International finger cymbals have been the bellydance industry standard for forty years with generations of dedicated customers. What makes Turquoise cymbals unique? It all started with Ali “Turquoise” and his girlfriend who took a bellydance class in the 1970s. When she showed him her poorly made cymbals he said, “I can make these better!”

Ali then developed a nineteen step manufacturing process to ensure quality and durability. To this day the cymbals are made out of the same specialty brass alloy to guarantee that the tone will never change.

Soon after Ali made that first set, Dahlena in Chicago began to dance with them and not long after, Bobby Farrah gave them a try. He played them for a few minutes then with a serious look on his face put them in his pocket and said, “these are mine.” And refused to give them back!


By the 1980s all the stars of bellydance were playing Turquoise International finger cymbals including Jamila Salimpour, Bert Balladine, Amina Goodyear and Morocco.

The design and quality of Turquoise International finger cymbals haven’t changed since and are now available in eight sizes with or without the signature “Oriental” design. The brass can be shined periodically with metal polish, although the aged patina is also attractive. German silver with the Oriental design is also available which never changes color. The cymbals are proudly made in the USA so you can feel confident about your purchase.

Be sure to look for authentic Turquoise markings on your cymbals—“USA” stamped on the underside center and a small “t” added in the design. That way you will always know you have the best in quality as well as a piece of bellydance history in your hands.

Photo: Ansuya

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